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Consultancy Services

Premium Consultancy Service Backed by 26 Years Experience

All Purpose Shelters Limited is Nigeria’s leading real estate consultancy services provider. If you need professional advice regarding properties, whether investment, acquisition or sales, you’ve come to the right place. Some of our consultancy service areas include:

Property Appraisal

Our team can help you decide the perfect use for a building, whether it should be commercial or residential. If you’re considering a new property development, we can help explore the most suitable size and location, saving you the hassle of investing in wrong properties. Our team also does the environmental impact analysis of a development.

Without proper knowledge of the economic value of a property and prior determination of its payback period, you wouldn’t be able to make an informed decision about your property investment.  We’re here to be your trusted guide.

Location Suitability

Location plays a major role in property development as it usually determines the value of a property. Consider the accessibility and comfort which every tenant deserves to enjoy after development and the subsequent letting or sales. Our team helps you choose the perfect location, based on economic considerations.

Architectural Design
Real Estate & Construction
Interior Design & Decoration
Consultancy Service

Cost Implications

We understand you want to know the cost implication of development before embarking on it. While evaluating this, we also weigh the capital contribution of the property investor and the borrowed capital from any financial institution ready to finance the project, ensuring liabilities like loan duration could be liquidated, from the economic viability.

Government Policies & Town Planning Regulations

You don’t want a sudden government takeover of your property. We don’t want that for you as well. Policies and regulations cannot be overemphasized in property development. Some locations may have been marked for particular land uses and therefore other land uses may not be allowed in such locations. We help you avoid this from happening.

Property Development

At All Purpose Shelters Limited, we provide our clients with directions on developing properties that serve their needs in the best possible way. For personal properties, we know the place of excluding any likely commercial factor. It has to reflect an individual’s daily life or routine.

In the same way, we understand that your investment property should be rightly positioned to earn a return on the investment, either through rental income, the future resale of the property, or both. We provide start-to-finish consulting that ends with a befitting investment property.

How ever you need this, our team at All Purpose Shelters Limited would be excited to walk you through this – from land acquisition to the entire development process.

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