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Real Estate and Construction

World-class Real Estate Solution Provider

All Purpose Shelters Limited (APSL) helps its clients bring their construction ideas to life. We understand that real estate decisions could be very complicated, but that doesn’t have to be your concern.

Our team manages the process of evaluating real estate investment choices, while also executing real estate strategies that serve your interest, in every sense. For us at APSL, your needs come first. We take the time to understand your objectives, so we can figure out the most efficient ways to help you achieve that.

We house some of Nigeria’s most proficient real estate professionals with in-depth understanding of the construction industry. Our knowledge of the market, regulations, entitlement legalities are constantly available to help you navigate this.

Get the tools and advice you need to determine best use of a land, including the resources and support required.

Architectural Design
Real Estate & Construction
Interior Design & Decoration
Consultancy Service


Strategic Planning

Let’s help you define a direction for your real estate needs from a holistic point.  We evaluate your operational and financial goals, and explore opportunities to maximise your resources.

Development Process

You can trust us with the entire project development phase. Our team has the needed expertise to provide immediate cost estimates, feasibility analysis, project scheduling, value engineering, and construction management. We’re also responsible for supervision.

Property Entitlements

Government approvals are vital to secure your property, and have definite ownership. We walk through this process for you, ensuring that every approval is acquired.

Strategic Advice

Whether you’re buying or selling properties, APSL could be your independent representatives, while also providing strategic advice along the way. And if you’re considering a lease, we take care of the lease agreement negotiation, market analysis, pricing, and facility improvements, as may be required for value addition.

Property Valuation
We’d love to see your money put to excellent use. And to ensure that, we provide independent representation to you when leasing space or buying properties by identifying the building or site, evaluating alternatives, developing a relevant cost comparison based upon building efficiencies, negotiating lease terms, and supervision of the process through lease commencement.

Our team of professionals draws on their years of experience and competencies to develop integrated strategies that align real estate decisions with business objectives.

Our footprints are also wide across the country and outside, with affiliations that enable us implement the construction process with ease. Whether you’re building for residential, commercial, and estate development, we’re the right real estate company to work with.

Let’s make your real estate dream a reality!

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